Just a List of what needs to be done!


  • Make Category Pages for the following mods (at least), and put them all under the "Mods" category: Condensed Blocks, Project Bench, Harken Scythe, Advanced Alloys, Advanced Power Systems "APS", Advanced Machines, BackPack, Chicken Bone's Mods (Wireless Redstone...), ComputerCraft, EnderStorage, Equivalent Exchange 3, ExtraBiomes, Factorization, Forestry, GregTech, ICBM, Immibis's Mods (Black Hole Chest, Tubestuff...),  MineChem, Moduler Force Field Systems, NetworkAnchor, OmniTools, PetBats, Portal Gun, RailCraft, Secret Rooms, Soul Shards, TF2 items (Dispenser, Sentry Gun, Teleporter), ThaumCraft3, Twilight Forest, Xycraft, Zaedes SteamWorks
  • Fix all broken links (Pages, Images, External sites.etc)
  • Add more information to Front Page, including what the mod pack has (Brief description, not a list) and a link to the site for it.
  • Make templates to show crafting recipes at other crafting stations 
  • Make all item sprites avalible for the templates
  • There are two similar categories: IndustrialCraft 2 and Industrial Craft 2 - I think that one of them should be removed
  • There's a problem with a grid image: many pages using "Machine_Block_Grid" but there is image named "Machine_Grid"